Metals Used In Indian Fashion Jewellery

Before buying Indian costume jewelry, you think about it for what it is you are buying? No? But you must do it; because you never know what kind of reaction it can cause when it comes into contact with the skin. Most costume jewelry is made with galvanized metal such as gold or rhodium plating, reminiscent of gold or platinum. There is a thin layer of metal over the other less expensive metal such as gold-plated silver. The base metal used commonly nickel, brass or silver. Some jewelry does not contain precious metals in general, so they are so inexpensive and easy to sell on the Internet.

Why use metals in jewelry?

With precious metals are as expensive as they are, fine jewelry made of gold and platinum are not available to the ordinary man daily use. An inexpensive metals such as copper, stainless steel are becoming increasingly popular in countries such as India. With fashion Indian jewelry is growing in leaps and bounds, now fashion designers use metal alloys to make safer jewelry with gold plating over silver and other metals, at a fraction of the cost of the jewelry. Here are the main reasons why designers are picking up brass alloy and other metal alloys to make contemporary jewelry:

  • The low price
  • strength
  • Anti corrosion
  • antiallergic
  • Fashion jewelry the Safe

  • Superior finish


Nickel is typically metal jewelry that causes the majority of skin allergies, because nickel salt form after it is dissolved in water. Copper and cobalt have similar reactions. Even gold and silver can lead to flash to the skin, although in very rare cases. When nickel and copper mixed with gold and silver, it reduces its price, cleanliness and value carats, making it more difficult and cause skin itching.

Copper is also used for the manufacture of jewelry made of brass, so if you are allergic to copper or brass, you should avoid using jewelry. Sometimes lead and cadmium are also known to be used, but this is rare.

Today, there are many designers hypoallergenic materials to choose from to create beautiful jewelry, with the help of modern technologies. Those who have sensitive skin and have metal allergies, choosing decorations that do not irritate the skin can be quite a challenge. It is best to know what kind of metal you are allergic to before you buy, and always read the product description. Opt palladium alloy instead of copper and nickel. It is closely related to platinum, hypoallergenic and accessible. Today jewelry makers can use hypoallergenic metal that allow allergy sufferers to choose accessories for women that will not itch.

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