Impact Of Internet On Children's Attitude And Behaviour


We live in an information age where knowledge is power. Internet has come to stay, and it happens. lifestyles are changing. Newspapers are available on the Internet. Movie tickets can be ordered online by visiting the respective sites. Entertainment changing concept. You can watch movies, listen to music, simply by connecting to these sites while sitting at home. There are sites in every subject in the world.

The positive side of

Internet has changed our way of life in several ways. It provides an opportunity to wander through the world, and to escape from the real world, sitting in a chair. By constant repetition of certain themes and through powerful visuals of high technical quality is even air-conditioning, many of us to think and behave in a certain way.

The Internet has an impact on the supply chain management and customer relationship management- where the e-commerce plays an important role in automating the management processes, customer relationship, as the voice interactive system, where complaints can be dealt with as soon as possible. Banks are also changing their ways, the introduction of home banking and electronic fund transfers, where funds are transferred without physically going to design houses. In the field of education-concepts vary from computer-based training Web-based training, as e gurukool, e-learning, online examinations, etc., that is, the concept of a virtual class room where the lecture broadcast. Any doubts that arise can be refined with the help of a virtual classroom concept.

channels are available on the Internet at every thing and nothing. Internet has channels on jobs, personal, library, travel, art, computing, lifestyle, Shopping, Music, people, money, games, sports, etc. It is surprising to know the amount of information that is available on the Internet, through which can access the information in the best and most inexpensive ways. Anything in the world can be accessed through the Internet these days. Similarly, e-mail has revolutionized communications. Voice mail, where they record the voice and the same is sent to the destination. Net-phone, where you can talk to anyone in the world for the cost of a local call.

New trends prevail in the modern business arena. Internet and network technologies, reviewing the business as a whole, and many are on the anvil for anyone interested in using them for the excellent advantage, who are well versed in the technical and managerial aspects. E-commerce is a pioneer in this regard.

The negative side of

There is no dispute about the positive role of the Internet. Similarly, there is not a consensus, but growing concern about its harmful effects. However, the positive effect is not so easy to stick and negative effects do not leave us so easily. Therefore, it is useful and appropriate to focus on the pernicious role of the Internet in the distortion of our Indian culture and in influencing particularly the school and college going children in their very impressionable age.

role of the Internet in promoting vulgarity and undermining our family values ​​and traditions, especially sad. Abuse of this powerful media leads us to the question of the absoluteness of some liberal concepts of freedom and choice when it comes to watching what he wants. When private interests come into conflict with the larger issues of public morality, there is a need to ensure the freedom and choice with some restraint. If the software vendors are not able to maintain their commercial instincts, public authorities and parents and elders should intervene to collectively express their concerns and to initiate measures to prevent its harmful effects.


About To reduce the effects, reduce the time spent watching TV. Children should only look to choose a program for a fixed number of hours. Parents need to be friends with their children and spend more time with them.

to develop the habit, including reading. Parents should ignite their curiosity and encourage children to read and read to them, and tell stories. Have pets and care for them, not only to involve children in a pleasant way, but also to instill kindness to animals.

Encourage children to pursue outdoor activities and team games in the wild.

about Parents should set a good example to follow. The elders should try to teach children social skills and help them to communicate their concerns without fear.

for viewing under the guidance of parents and proper regulation of the media is the best way to prevent serious setbacks in children resulting from the on-screen viewing.


The media is currently running our society. He decides what people are interested in and how they behave. Because of the media children are less interested in reading and education, and are more interested in the destruction of brain cells, sitting on the couch watching the trash. We as a parent need to turn our attention away from the TV and computer, and pay more attention to each other people, reading books, visiting parks, spending time with friends and family, etc. Instead of giving children drugs and sending them to a larger number of doctors and therapists, we must reduce the amount of electronics that operate on their daily lives. People need to communicate with other people in order to lead a happy, healthy life. This is mainly the responsibility of parents to monitor what their children watch and how often they play video games and Internet access. Furthermore, the government should regulate the real laws to reduce inappropriate TV, Internet or video content. There should be an access control device in any inappropriate TV or Internet content, not only for children but also for adults.

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