4 Ways To Dispose Of Your Old Refrigerator

Appliances are not intended to last forever, and unfortunately that includes your refrigerator. It may seem that if your refrigerator is indispensable because it is ideal for you and works without any problems, but sooner or later she was going to give up. Sooner or later you will see the repairman too many times, and after that, it will have more problems beyond repair.

Then you will realize that it is time to let go and look around the cooler refrigerator. In any case, the typical refrigerator has a lifespan of about 10 years. Some of them can be extended to 15 years, and some of them may not even last for up to 7 years. If your refrigerator has been anything but normal this week, it could be a sign that the treacherous old age is now taking its toll and your fridge has to resign.

Now that you have decided to leave the old and looking for a new refrigerator, consider the options carefully. There are so many things that you need to weigh before deciding to buy a refrigerator. But what about the old one? Of course, it will not be with you anymore, but where do you put it? Here are some ways to get rid of your refrigerator properly.

Before you do anything …

Once you have decided to get rid of the old fridge to make room for the new, remove the refrigerator door. You can ask a professional to help you do it. Furthermore, to leave within the shelf. These two must be done so that the children can not go easily go to the refrigerator and be trapped inside. There are some cases where children are trapped inside old refrigerators, killing them by asphyxiation. Please follow these safety instructions are not only their children, but also for other children in your neighborhood as well.

Ask the seller to take it away

This is a very common way to get rid of a refrigerator. When you get rid of an old refrigerator, of course, you buy a new one. Make an agreement with the seller of the device and ask them to pick up your old fridge as soon as they deliver your new one. Your old refrigerator is likely to be reused, or they can also restore it and sell it as a second hand refrigerator.

Despite the fact that it is very convenient for you, be prepared to pay for a fee. Conventional retailers to charge customers a fee for the disposal of around 25 to 50 dollars. This is not the price of all, though. Agree with retailers and try to find a price that will suit you right. Thus, you can get rid of your refrigerator without a hassle, and you are sure that the refrigerator is in good hands.

Find recycling program in the field of

Recycling programs have also become very popular these days. Try contacting the local utility company and ask them if they offer the appliance recycling program in your area. There may also be some appliance recycling incentives you can go to work through the program Jaco environment, Governments, Inc. and Household Recycling Centers of America (ARCA).

Jaco Environmental, Inc. under the Energy Star program. In addition, if you coordinate with the State program of energy efficiency Appliance rebate (SEEARP), you may be able to get a discount for recycling your old refrigerator. Cool, yeah?

Please contact your local council

You can also contact your local waste disposal office or the Department of Environment of the local council and ask for information on how to get rid of the old fridge. You can ask them to pick it up from their seats. There are some tips that will offer to pick up your fridge for free, and they may require you to make the fridge ready to pick. You may have to move it to the street at a certain time, they tell you, so you have to follow the instructions written in the first tip above, to make it safe for children to play on the streets.

On the other hand, the local council in your district may charge a fee for the collection of your old refrigerator. It’s okay as long as you make sure they do not overcharge. The typical speed of the tips of charging is about $ 5 to $ 45 for their services.

Take it to the dump

Another alternative is to take your old refrigerator at the local landfill. You can choose to do it yourself and take it to the garbage dump on your machine. You have to ask the local council, although some information and guidelines. However, be careful that none of the chemical spills from the refrigerator in your car as these, which are the chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs, can be extremely dangerous for you and the ozone layer.

A safer way to do this tip, to coordinate with the local council and let them take away an old refrigerator at the landfill. While you may have to pay a fee, it will be better for you, because you will not be exposed to harmful chemicals, and you are sure that your refrigerator will be handled and disposed of responsible people who are trained to do it .

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