Safety Guidelines for Using a Spindle Sander

spindle grinding, also called an oscillating spindle sanders, large pieces of equipment for woodworking projects, such as building furniture, and more. Polishing curves and edges of straightening everything perfect job for Sanders spindle. And just as the eccentric Sander, oscillating spindle sanders are ideal to smooth flat surfaces, too. They have a board surface with a hole in the middle where the milling drum is protruding. This drum “oscillates”, or moves up and down, and around and around. This avoids uneven abrasion and sand surfaces stamps. It is equipped with a cloth sleeve, which provides real abrasion used to sand down wood and other materials, as well as in retail price ranges from $ 140 to $ 300.

Although the spindle Sanders is one of the most useful and common grinding tools in the woodworking industry, they can be very dangerous. For this reason, there are several important security guidelines to follow when using such a serious tool. One wrong move can put you in the emergency room, or worse, have you amputees. Continue reading to learn some important safety rules when using ranged spindle sander, and better protect themselves from injury

Safety Tips for oscillating spindle sanders :.


  1. Wear protective equipment, including goggles and gloves.
  2. Do not wear clothes torn as neckties and necklaces. Tie long hair. Roll the sleeves past the elbow. Tuck in the shirt.
  3. Turn on the air duct collector.
  4. Check the table and make the necessary adjustments.
  5. Make sure there is no residual debris between spindle and table, as well as between the spindle and the dust collection chute.
  6. Make sure that the dust chute and do not touch the spindle stock.

Turning Sander

  1. Allow grinding to reach full speed before grinding your stock.
  2. Always keep your fingers an inch from the spindle at all times.
  3. Sand with a slight pressure, from right to left, or counterclockwise. Do not force the rod into the spindle, gently help him there.
  4. Do not let your stock fall between the spindle and the opening of the table.
  5. Always keep a supply on the table when sanding.
  6. Do not sand small pieces with a spindle sander. (Use a drill press sleeve, a)
  7. If something gets in the spindle: always turn the sander OFF first and wait for it to completely stop – fix the jam
  8. .

  9. Always keep in your warehouse when sanding. You can lose control of your actions, if you do not keep it at all times.
  10. Never leave the work area while the grinder is turned off and not come to a complete stop.
  11. ALWAYS USE HIGH QUALITY shlifovalnyny TOOLS AND PRODUCTS Sandpaper for best results!

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