Thinking of Buying a Used Treadmill – Are You Crazy? Do Not Make These 5 Stupid Mistakes

First things first decide whether the treadmill for you. Before you invest a few thousand dollars a treadmill only to eventually be clothes hanger, you have a few things to consider. With so many people purchasing exercise equipment that they do not use, the market is full of used fitness equipment is in excellent condition, and some are not in very good condition. We will address this in the following paragraphs. Where to begin? Try to check your local paper for people selling their wares, yard sales and estate sales. You can also find some real bargains through online sources, such as online ads and eBay. Many areas also have a second hand sporting goods stores that sell used exercise equipment. Why not pay them a visit and see what they have to offer? The savings can be significant

Here are some great reasons to buy a treadmill :.

1. The treadmill will help you save time. You can adjust the training schedule and you do not have to worry about being in the gym early enough to find an open machine, your always available.

2. No excuses, it’s not in your house, get stock and use it.

3. The treadmill will create opportunities for your children to be present during the exercise. Your son or daughter can work on a book, homework or coloring and no day care or a nanny to worry about.

4. No more gym fees. Invest in a treadmill at home does not mean that they no longer spend $ 25 to $ 30 per month for a gym membership just to use their equipment. Or even worse, that the money you spend each month and is not going to

First things first :. Treadmill Story 101

Believe it or not, treadmills were not always intended for human use. First treadmills were invented in 1875 called “power level” treadmills, they came either large or small, large ones were used horses to power threshing machines, and less variety used dogs and sheep to power butter churns. It was not until 1952 that the cardiologist Robert Bruce, together with his colleague Wayne Quinton developed treadmill designed for people to use. Quinton eventually sold his interest in the Stairmaster, and the rest was, well, history. You may have heard about Quinton treadmills. The world has shown that the human treadmill was a great idea, its longevity and popularity speak volumes. Sears alone has reportedly retail for $ billon, treadmills year. Association sporting goods manufacturers claim that consumers are spending more money on treadmills than any other fitness equipment for home exercise. There has never been a single year since their first commercial production, treadmill sales have declined. If you need one more proof, take a look at any gym. You will not find a lot of pieces of equipment distributed personal trainers on late-night infomercials. They may be surrounded by a lot of hype, but not always as nice as they claim. And, as a rule, can not take a real exercise regimen. Treadmills, on the other hand, has consistently proven to be useful and robust design for many years, so they are the main products in each workout facility. It does not matter if it’s a commercial gym or your local area training house, chances are you will find a treadmill.

According to a study conducted at the Medical College of Wisconsin and the VA Medical Center in Milwaukee, A sixty minute run on a treadmill will burn an average of 705 – 865 calories – more than other standard fitness equipment, such as rowing machine (606 – 739 calories per hour), stationary bikes (595 – 604 calories), cross-country ski machine (595 – 678 calories), and stair machines (637 – 746 calories). But this is only the beginning of the benefits offered by the treadmill.

The news, and medical experts agree that walking is a great exercise. Whether it is a daily walk around the neighborhood food or just a walk around the block, walking is a great way to lose weight and get fit. Unfortunately, however, the weather does not always cooperate when it comes to getting the exercise we need. When it is too rainy, too cold, or too hot outside, it can be quite difficult to keep up with even the most well-intentioned exercise regimen. That is perhaps why the treadmill can be a great buy, and why treadmills are popular pieces of exercise equipment. Quality treadmill has several important advantages over many other types of machines.

They are good for any level of fitness. If you are just starting your exercise regimen, or an old pro, you can find the speed setting that will give you a great cardio-vascular problems.

They are regulated. Maybe you feel that you need only a light workout two or three times a week with a treadmill, you can vary your intensity accordingly.

They are universal. Technology has made it possible for today’s treadmills offer various options. You can select programs that focus on cardio or fat burning. You can work to improve your speed. You can simulate running uphill. There are pre-installed programs, or you can combine different levels of tilt and speed. You can also program your own workout.

These low-impact, but it does not affect free. You will not reach your goal of the cardiovascular system, if you can not play sports, and you can not use if you are injured. Running (or walking) on ​​a treadmill is a safe bet. Their surfaces absorb impact and reduce pressure on the joints critical much better than running on concrete or asphalt. The chances of injury is significantly reduced with low-impact exercise. Most treadmills have a safety or security key to turn off the system only in the event that you should fall, they will go out instantly.

They are comfortable. Raining? Snowing? Blistering heat? No problems. Treadmills can be used in all weather conditions, so you will never have to get a raincoat or sweater to use one. In addition, the majority of treadmills available on the market today have a place to keep your water bottle, towel and reading materials. Some new treadmills you can connect your MP3 or IPod directly into the console of the treadmill. Some of the rooms have TVs and internet access to them. And, of course, exercise is always fit into any schedule. For example, if you get home from work, it is already dark outside, and you do not feel comfortable walking alone, you can always hop on a treadmill. No excuses!

If you’re on the treadmill market, you can get lost (and surprised!) Different types and terms that you may encounter. There are residential home treadmills, light commercial and commercial treadmills. Folding of them motorized and non motorized enough to make a beginner want to buy a pair of running shoes and hit the road. Let’s break it down a bit and compare the ins and outs of each of them.

motorized versus non-motorized. On non-motorized, or “manual” treadmill, your legs do all the work. If you slow down or stop, so does the treadmill. Manual treadmills can be difficult to get started, and if you want to change in the slope during training, you have to stop the car, get out, adjust the incline level, and get it again. In a nutshell, there’s really no advantage to buy a manual treadmill as opposed to a motorized one. The reason most often cited is the cost. Manual machines are much cheaper than their motorized counterparts, but it is important to remember that they are not usually built in the same way either. If you are concerned about the economic efficiency of the fact that it is not difficult to find some use motorized treadmills at a fraction of what they are brand new. We will discuss this at more length in a minute. Think of all the people who buy treadmills, then never use them and are willing to part with them just to get them out of the way! My thought is, if you are looking for a manual treadmill just walk outside or inside, and save time and money.

Some other considerations that you need to decide before you buy any exercise equipment will include the number of users, the maximum user weight and frequency of use. It is also known that all treadmills are designed for maximum user weight. Users exceeding the maximum weight of a chance to cracking the moving deck, or in the worst burn-moving parts rather quickly. The lower end models usually are designed for a maximum of 250 pounds. We also recommend that you purchase a treadmill with a motor CHP (continuous horsepower), in contrast to (of Total horsepower) engine THP. The lower end treadmills will have an engine with DC power, while many commercial treadmills may have motors with AC power.

Also check the use of the treadmill, the majority of residential treadmills marked for “in home use” only. The warranty will be voided if used in a gym or other commercial type setting i.e:. Condominium or apartment workout rooms. Most residential treadmills will use conventional 110 volt socket, while most commercial treadmills can use 220-volt outlet. If you are not sure what type of motorized treadmill to buy, it pays to do a little research and comparison. Ideally, you want to buy a car with a 1.5 -.? 2.5 CHP motor

the OK, after all this you still want a treadmill

1. Before Off, to make the purchase of

Please note, how much space you have available. Obviously, if you live in a small apartment or have limited space, you will not want a large treadmill. You should know how much space you have to store and use the equipment. Fortunately, there are pieces of fitness equipment available that can be folded and easily stored. If you are pressed for space, they can be an excellent alternative to bulky equipment. You must understand that most full size treadmills will take a foot print (area) 3-foot-wide 6 feet in length. Most ICON Fitness treadmills to fold, you will find these treadmills on your big-box retailers like Sears, Costco and Wal-Mart. In addition, specialized retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods and The Sports Authority. They are sold under many names of the following brands, Nordic Track, Pro Form, Weslo, Weider, Epic, Healthrider, Gold Gym, Free Motion, ICON, Reebok, Body Fit, IMAGE, IFIT.COM, Sears, Horizon, Ironman and smooth, just to name a few. As a side note in 2007, some of the manufacturers are also starting to make ellipses, which are formed, but it is quite another matter.

2. Consider the expense of the appropriate treadmill

This sounds like a no-brainer right, the cheaper the better. But you have to consider how much the treadmill you “need” a new cost. When I say “necessary” I mean, “the runner against Walker,” “use against the number of users.” Do not be penny wise and dollar foolish. Not every less expensive treadmill is a good deal. The phrase “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to the sports complex. If you are a serious exerciser or runner you will need to spend more money to get a model that will last and offers features that most runners expect. If you want a treadmill and you’re a serious runner, the budget for the new treadmill can be in the range of $ 1,500.00 to $ 3,500.00 dollars. It will be treated as light commercial treadmill. If you are a walker, a few times a week, for a total of 30 minutes at a time, your new budget treadmill can be around $ 700.00 to $ 1,500.00 dollars. This is considered a residential treadmill. So if you are a serious simulator new middle treadmill is $ 2,500.00 USD. On the other hand, the purchase of second-hand light commercial treadmill, you might consider spending limits Dollar $ 800.00 to $ 1,500.00.

If you are a walker your new treadmill average budget is $ 1,000.00 USD. Then you should consider spending $ 400.00 to $ 700.00 dollars for a used residential treadmill. No one says you have to have Fanciest equipment to meet your fitness goals. Even if you are on a tight budget, you have many options available. A few sets of dumbbells can be all that you need to build and tone muscles, and something as simple as a jump rope can give you an excellent cardiovascular work out of the system. Do not underestimate these simple solutions! You can give them a try before investing in a treadmill, which occupies the space. After all, who wants to spend money complicated treadmill, which can become a coat hanger?

3. Set your exercise targets

This should always be a high priority. The objectives of the exercise must be clearly thought out before you consider buying any type of fitness equipment. You do not know how many clients I ask how often you use the treadmill? They will say to me at great length the scope of use of the treadmill is becoming, and then I will check the “clock used” function on the treadmill, only to find out that after 5 years of ownership, the treadmill has at least 100 hours of use. Your goal is to achieve better health of the cardiovascular system, or it is to build and tone muscle? If heart disease is your primary goal, treadmill, stair climber, elliptical, bike upright or recumbent bike may be the best option. If you want to tone or build muscle, choose a machine that allows you to do resistance training, preferably with weights. This may be a cable system, free weights or resistance ranges.

4. Features, features, features

Decide what is important to you. What is the maximum speed? Is the treadmill incline? If so, how high a percentage? Do you need a program? You want to make your own program? How about items like fans, TVs, orthopedic walking belts, large console displays, book holder. Do treadmill only front rails or it also has side rails? Heart monitors, you need this feature for medical reasons? You want a model with a wireless heart rate sensor? If so, then the treadmill is capable of this function, and if so, it will be an additional cost?

5. Ok, Ready Set Store

Heath used fitness equipment store, if you need to feel and touch your purchase. Some areas of “Play It Again Sports” stores that specialize in used equipment. Check the Yellow Pages. But you can find the best discounts online. Just like when buying a new car, the best time to buy a used treadmill, when the new model will come out for the Christmas shopping season. Christmas New Year’s Eve is a time of “season” for retailers simulators. This is due to the fact that most buyers find trainers need to get in shape for the holidays, with the sides of the horizon, and Resolution New Years right around the corner. They may want to trade up to a better model, and you can get a lot on the used one at this time. Buying a used or refurbished treadmill dealer can definitely be smarter than buying. Dealer simulators usually do all maintenance and replace all the necessary details.

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