Is it Safe to Incorporate Yourself Online As an LLC?

Many people have questions about whether it is really safe to form a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) over the Internet, instead of heading to his Secretary of State in the office of the state human.

In fact, I’ll probably get one or two emails per month with a request that “I can turn themselves on the Internet,” rather than in person at a government office.

The short answer is that people regularly form LLCs and corporations via the Internet.

In fact, most of the industry has created a Web site offering foundation and formation of the LLC services. And this, of course, where the problem comes.

I’m going to give you a few behind the scenes “inside baseball” stuff about business. You see, constituent services is quite profitable – after the incorporation of the website establishes its own system (and perhaps a single consultation with a lawyer), the costs associated with actually doing paperwork, LLC to create customer-specific small.

Thus, there are many companies that have entered the online incorporation of industry, and she got competitive.

In order to capture market share, some incorporation of the company advertised a really low price – $ 19, $ 29 + state filing fees.

Now, there is no way they can legally offer these super low prices. After combing the fine print, and filling and abandoning many of the basket, I found that there are two tricks they pull – the bad and the ugly:

  1. The Upsell, of course, their maintenance “main ” is $ 19 + state filing fee … except for the fact that the main service is not doing anything, and all of this add-on. By the time you have purchased, that any normal small entrepreneur will consider the inclusion of a full package or form LLC, the price to $ 100- $ 200 + state fees.
  2. “Forced Continuity” aka automatic rebills – This is the worst – disgusting. Forced continuity perspective marketers for a system where the customer buys the low price of the product, and is buried in the fine print conditions is the customer’s consent to join some club, or to receive the newsletter, or to receive some services. In exchange for this “agreement” (which is buried in the small print, remember), the customer’s credit card will automatically be charged $ 39, $ 49, $ 89 … regardless of the amount, every month. It is almost impossible to get them to stop without filing a dispute with your credit card company and the whole situation is a big hassle and time and money waster. Forced continuity is controversial because it is technically legal if disclosed. As you can guess, some unscrupulous marketers hide their data referred to in paragraph 17 of the fine print.

Where can I safely turn Myself Internet ?

I manage to own a website, which is dedicated to helping small business people and entrepreneurs understand how to use and create a society with limited liability for their business.

One of the things that I do on the site to associate with LLC-make yourself legal forms and instructions.

Nevertheless, I know that many people are wary of do it yourself legal work. Therefore, I also recommend the quality, honest Internet companies that will take care of the formation of the LLC for you.

My website has a comment feature, and hundreds of visitors have written me. Until now, none of them complained of any problems associated with the incorporation of the services recommended on

I LLCs formed myself for my own businesses using the services of the most recommended online.

For more information about the discovery of how to safely turn yourself vBulletinĀ® online now by clicking on this link.

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