7 Tips On Holding Your Own Money-Making Seminar

You’ve probably seen ads in the local paper or through direct mail about different events and seminars in your area.

If you ever wonder if you have to have to make money, speaking at such events, why not just have your own event?

If you are an expert in the subject, (and probably you), then you can put on a professional event that earns enough money, you can probably make one or two and a half years to make a full time life

Some ideas to help you get started.

1. Work at the local level

, you can quickly establish yourself as a local expert and find the best deals from local suppliers to help you put together a super professional and profitable event. During the events in your area, you can connect to your business network and spread the word of your event quickly, cheaply and efficiently.

2. Rent a place

In many places in your area offer a place to spend your seminar. Places such as hotels, churches, schools, colleges, and even restaurants often rented out for events. Make sure that they offer the services you need, such as technology, internet, microphones, etc. Visually inspect the place and even participated in the event, if possible.

3. charge you

While you can technically make money on free events, offering books, DVD-ROMs and other information products to sell at your event it’s better to charge a fee to cover the venue and advertising costs where possible. It will also give you some valuable cash flow for your efforts speak, and go in the direction of making payments in any paid speakers who are at your event.

The definition of the value of the event can be difficult if you allow me, but honestly, it’s a mathematical equation. Add all your costs, including your speaker’s fee that you would like to make, and then divide by how many places you are planning to fill, and multiply the answer by 1.5. This gives you some leeway.

4. Your event

Never skimp on marketing your event. This is very important and can be one of the most important aspects of your event. I wish I had spent more money marketing my event last year. If you skimp on marketing, there is a danger that not enough people will show up and you can lose your investment. not ignore any marketing stone “unturned. Use the local newspaper, local radio, flyers, internet, or less free conversational event with the help of local organizations and not profit.

5. Collect money

This seems to be a normal thing to do, but you’ll be surprised at how many people forget about how to raise money for the event. You can pick up at the door and in front of people, are at the door. You can sell tickets to various points of sale of tickets, as well as local bookstores and other places on the Internet.

6. Put on a great event

Another tip to make money on your own workshop to put on a great event. Make sure that you have chosen well, who will organize it, even if it is itself, so that everything goes, and the scene at the time. Pay attention to the terms of performances and respect “time, as well as your sponsors Paying for guests time and others. Give everyone what they want, you can try, but it can also be satisfying and fun.

7 . Setting the table

Setting the table before and after the event for people to buy things from you and your other players. Use good table cloth and cover and put a good display. have someone manning the area. you want a way to take cash, credit and local checks, if possible, for the majority of opportunities to sell additional products that can add hundreds to the bottom line. Therefore, you must ensure that you have a change, and the way to do it easily.

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