Top 10 Tips on Buying a Trampoline

garden Buying a trampoline? Follow these top 10 tips for buying a trampoline, and you will find the right trampoline for you and your children that will give years of pleasure.

1. If I buy a trampoline, is he will get used or ignored?

We find all parents are surprised when they bought a trampoline, how much use it gets, and we hear again and again, as they said, “..the following trampoline was the best thing we ever bought for our children – they are on it every day. ” These comments after only one week, and after a few years.

2. Should I buy a round or rectangular trampoline?

Round trampolines are the most common for use in the garden, as they are less powerful than rectangular trampolines are used by experienced gymnasts. Circular trampolines naturally direct bridge to the center of the trampoline mat so that makes them safer. For most children, it would be too dangerous for them to use a rectangular trampoline at home without the constant expert supervision over them and their friends.

3. Does size matter?

Make sure you know how much space will occupy a trampoline in the garden. Round trampolines sold in the UK have a size measured in feet, which relates to its diameter (or the total width of the very outside of the frame, through the center to the outside of the frame on the other side). Sizes can range from as small as 6FT up a whopping 16ft. You will also need to about 18 inches around the trampoline to place bent to the network cabinet, when the user falls against him. The best site in your garden for your new trampoline will ideally be sufficiently level and free from overhanging branches and cables. Why not measure the rope and put on your lawn to get an idea of ​​the space it will occupy, before you buy a trampoline online to avoid a surprise when he arrives. It’s always a good idea to get the biggest trampoline with an application that will fit, and that the budget will be expensive. Do not forget – most adults love to be big kids, and definitely want to use a trampoline, as well!

4. How long will they last?

Many modern trampolines are durable and last and come with a warranty of 5 years or so. With this in mind, do not just choose the trampoline, which is large enough for your child to use now – choose the one that will continue to be ideal for your child to use in the coming years. It will save you a lot of time to buy a larger size in a few years.

5. How to choose which provider use?

trampoline package will be large and heavy, so most people will not have a vehicle large enough to collect one and take it home from the store. Most trampolines so the house is delivered in mail order or internet provider. You should choose one that specializes in jumps as they can advise you on choosing a trampoline, installation and ongoing product support will be invaluable. They will also keep a stock of parts and accessories that you might need in the future. Try calling them to see how much they know about their own models. Some vendors sell many different products and could easily sell something else in the next year, just when you need a spare part or accessory. Find out how long they are selling trampolines.

6. What are the features of the product should I look out for?

The frame – frame trampoline on the most important part, they are usually made of galvanized steel (a process that covers the metal from rust) and better quality ones will have a galvanized protection both inside and outside tube. Frames are powder-coated may be cheaper, but provide much less protection against corrosion. The weakest part of the frame may be where a circular ring attached to the uprights. At most it jumps weld, but these welds may be of poor quality and even good quality weld seams may crack over time and make useless trampoline. Atlantic Trampolines, for example, to use a patented Tee for their trampolines, which eliminates the need to weld and the difficulties that may arise as a result of this method of construction.

Bounce mat and spring Hauling – heavy blow mat must be strong and hard wearing. It should also be smooth when the jumper is falling against it with their bare skin. It is better to use a trampoline mat is made of polypropylene Permatron which is also UV resistant and will stand up to years of exposure to direct sunlight. Spring interior also is exposed to bright sunlight and PE material used by many manufacturers of cracks in a year or so of use. Atlantic Trampolines, for example, use a polyester on the upper surface of the spring pads, which provides a longer service life.

The number of springs – Manufacturers usually declare how much they use the springs for each size trampoline, which they sell. Large trampoline springs will have more than minor. However, when comparing similar sized trampolines of different manufacturers with a higher number of springs is not necessarily the best or the most powerful. The number of springs required for optimum user associated with rebound weight. A large number of springs can make it very difficult or even impossible to jump to a small child. If in doubt ask the advice of your supplier.

weight limit – most trampolines will indicate maximum weight limit safe. Maximum weight of about 100 kg (16 stone) should be sufficient for most households.

7. What accessories should I consider buying

Security Corps – always choose trampoline set This includes security scanner housing. No matter how old people are not, or how careful they are, you can be sure that no one will be equipped with an accidental fall from a springboard. If the cabinet is not installed, you also need to allow extra space around the trampoline in the event of a fall. There are many different designs of safety fences on the market. As long as there is a good safety packing by the springs network that provides protection on the exterior side of the trampoline frame perfectly circular. This will maximize the usable space inside and adventurous somersaulter will not be constrained by the grid located inside the springs.

Staircase – trampoline ladder is important, as , which provides easy access for the elderly, but especially young children. They are also less likely to jump from a springboard and the risk of injury. If you have very young children you can stop access to the trampoline when you are not taking the ladder away. We recommend staircase steps which is flat rather than tubular steps as they may be inconvenient for children to use without the shoe on. Some providers will automatically turn staircase with a springboard, but others will sell it as a supplementary item.

Weather news coverage – in any weather trampoline cover is on top of the trampoline mat and protects it from leaves and bird droppings. It usually has a central hole to allow water to pass through.

Anchor Kit – Kit trampoline anchor necessary if you leave your trampoline in the garden year round. Although trampoline heavy piece of equipment, we saw them off the ground, even in small gardens where they have the potential to be damaged or cause damage to your home and other property. Set the anchor helps to keep safe a trampoline to the ground during windy weather.

8. I have seen pictures trampoline tent , what are they?

Special tents on the trampoline has been designed to sit like a dome on the trampoline and folded like a roof on a convertible car, so that the user can use a bounce or a tent with ease. Tents may be useful to provide an all-weather play area for young children and protect them from strong sunlight. For older children, they offer the flexibility to make the trampoline in a den or a space for the night. Whatever reason they bought for, which means that a trampoline can be used in all weather conditions and at all stages of this year!

9. What about delivery?

When compared to the prices of products online, be sure to check that the delivery price will be. Some retailers add a fixed cost of delivery, some charge extra per package weight, and some even offer free shipping. Product Delivery at home, as a rule, will be during the week, but some of them will offer Saturday delivery surcharge. The product is heavy, and the driver may need help. Make sure there is somewhere safe and under cover to keep it up as long as you are willing to put together a trampoline.

10. What if I need to know more ?

If you do not know about anything, ring or email the seller and ask. This will help clarify your point and will also give you the opportunity to see how well they know their products, and if you feel that you can buy from them with confidence.

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